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One of the things we most often find is that people only ever intend to contact their lawyer in a serious time of need, or (in more dramatic terms) some sort of a crisis. We’re happy to help in those dire situations, and we’re honoured to have your trust in dealing with critical personal or professional issues….but we’re here 365 days a year (Ok, 364, we take Christmas off), and we can help even when things aren’t so dire!

One of the main goals in redeveloping our website was developing a site that would highlight some of the tools we make available to our clients and prospective clients to help with “every day” type tasks or goals.

As I said in the first blog post on this site, we pride ourselves in being entrepreneurial, flexible, and agile, in our ability to provide value. And truthfully, we’re pretty good at it, as (we think!) our clients would tell you when they’re working with us. The point is that there are so many more opportunities for us to add value.

Yes we can execute a contract, or draft a Shareholder’s Agreement, but what about helping you develop a practical approach to working with your Bank (and maybe obtaining financing?). Our “Client Success Program” is designed just for that.

You know to call your lawyer to draft the paperwork when you’re acquiring a new business, but what about the process that led you to that point? Our partner, “EKSIT Strategies Inc.”, is in place for that.

The point is we want to help you more, and more often. We finally have a site that will let us do that at your pace, when it’s convenient for you. I can’t promise that your lawyer will be available to chat about your business at 3 am on a Sunday morning, but we’re developing other ways to add value to your business.

And all we want in return is for you to keep reading!