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In a previous professional life, it was once quoted to me that “the only constant is change”. It seems safe to say that axiom applies to pretty much the entire professional world. If you’re not moving forward, you’re falling behind. If you stop evolving, you’re going the way of the dinosaur.

So we’re changing. No, we’re not changing the fundamental way we do business, or the fundamental services we provide, but we are changing a little bit about who we are, and a little bit about how we’ll try to provide value to you, our clients (and I say that knowing full well you might not be an existing “client” in the truest sense).

Two obvious things we’ve changed (and we hope you noticed) are our name and logo. We are now proudly “Szemenyei MacKenzie Godin”. Suzanne Godin has been a partner with the firm for a number of years, and we are thrilled to now include her in the name of the firm.

The other “big” one that we’ve changed is our website (which, if you’re reading this, is going to be rather apparent). We’ve had a well-designed (but staid), informative (but not useful) site for a number of years, and decided that it was time for a change.

We talk the talk about being entrepreneurial, and doing what we can to help our clients succeed (both personally and professionally). Well, now it’s time for us to walk the walk even more. The new site will be interactive, up-to-date, and (hopefully!) a useful resource that you can turn to for valuable information and tools.